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On 1 April 2016, the VKR Group celebrates its
75th anniversary

The values of the Group’s companies have their origin in the Model Company Objective, which the founder of the company, Villum Kann Rasmussen, MSc (Eng), formulated in 1965. The objective was and still is the core element in the development of the international Group that works with products, which provide daylight, fresh air and better living environment.

The VELUX roof window is our best-known brand. In Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland, however, the Group’s vertical windows from the VELFAC, Rationel and Svenska Fönster companies have also become popular.

The anniversary is celebrated locally in our companies all over the world. It is gratifying that our common history and values strengthen the teamwork and the culture within the VKR Group, and we hope that this fact will create, maintain and extend our good customer relations.

Daylight, fresh air and better environment

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